Government Services

GSA schedules gives both companies and customers a direct method of delivery of millions of state-of- the-art, high quality supplies, sales access and services at the similar discounts offered to private businesses when sold in high volumes. GSA Schedules is beneficial is the ability to offer shorter time leads, lower inventories and lover administration costs. It is beneficial to all sizes of companies.

Adept offers turnkey services to companies seeking GSA schedule contracts and expert assistance with managing their existing contracts. A pre-assessment is conducted based on the company’s offerings, meeting basic core requirements, product/service demand and competitive pricing. If the product or service qualifies, Adept will work with your team to prepare the GSA proposal and submit the completed documentation through the GSA eOffer/EMod system.

GSA typically requests clarification on few items before entering in to the negotiation phase. By leveraging our experience, we work closely with our clients in the final phase to negotiate the best possible pricing, contract terms and conditions.

SAM General Information

The System of Award Management (SAM) is a official website of the U.S. Government. SAM consolidated the capabilities of CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS.

General Adept’s SAM Information

  • GSA Schedule: GS-
  • Cage Code: 56TE2
  • DUNS: 860190466
  • Name: Adept Computer Consultants Inc.
  • Business Type: Business or Organization
  • POC: Gene Tindall, 214-446- 5855 * 115

NAICS Codes: Primary

  • 519130 511210
  • 517312 517919
  • 518210 541511
  • 541512 541413
  • 54519

Registered: State of Texas, State of Virginia and State of New Mexico for IT Services