In the age of customers, Adept Talent partners with industry experts across the board to explore, design and predict what the future. We at Adept Talent use the latest specialties in responsive and predictive analysis to have the answers ready for your future demands. Our data-driven marketing solutions drive insights into each customer, supporting more targeted, successful business. Let us help you understand how our advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, block chain, Internet of Things(IoT) and machine learning can be a game changer when it comes to delivering the ultimate customer experience in your industry.


Banking industry is considered to be the backbone of a country's economy. It facilitates the flow of funds in our economy and ensures financial resources are allocated efficiently towards promoting economic development and growth. Banks functions on lend and borrow principle depositing customers savings and paying interest on them and lending to its customers and charging interest from them. In addition, they also invest in various portfolios to increase their profitability.

Adept is a platform where you one can find solution for all its banking needs by speeding up your cash flow process by the top banks safely.

We Improve banking customer strategy, customer experience, and customer loyalty. We redesign product lines, increase sales effectiveness and develop unparalleled customer loyalty that boosts the bottom line.

Confront compliance. We support compliance and risk officers and their teams in satisfying the demands of more complex regulations while also helping their companies grow their top and bottom lines.

Adapt distribution and service channels to seamlessly incorporate digital and mobile banking, and deploy cutting-edge banking automation, including robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning and the latest advances in artificial intelligence. Whether we're helping modernize core banking operations, turn a mobile banking experience into a social one, or reinvent payment and credit models, our banking consulting services empower clients with data-driven insights and the right tools to adopt a mindset fit for today's—and tomorrow’s—digital landscape.

Communication & Media

Communication and media Industry is one of the fastest growing industry. Entertainment and media industry is widely diversified and has witnessed transformation in terms of technology and applications in recent years. This transformation has led to global entertainment and media enterprises to offer innovative content and effective distribution models to stay ahead in the highly competitive market.

The industry is significantly benefitted by digital tools and platforms facilitating efficient production, distribution, and consumption of content revolutionizing the market growth. The global entertainment and media market is expected to reach approximately USD 6,709.4 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 10.40% during the forecast period.

We provide all communication and media services including diversified media, film, broadcast television, pay TV, radio, video games, publishing, mobile, Internet media, recorded music, Internet service and advertising.

We help our client transform their business, identify new growth sources in digital world, Launch new digital channels, Develop their Organisations to overcome the challenges of digital world, finding new ways to increase efficiency and to cut cost, and to acquire wider customer engagement.


In a world of innovations and ideas it’s only imperative to have emphasis on technology and research in our education system. Today’s educators rely heavily on the new methods of knowledge transfer primarily digital media. There is growing need to create immersive and interactive experiences with intelligent tutoring systems for the new age fast learners. Adaptive learning is certainly catching up to the education profession.

We at Adept Consultants are committed to taking this industry to the next level. We are empowering our partners to personalize learning, increase research capacity and optimize operations by using our modern and specialized technologies. We are utilizing data driven technology to create an ultimate education experience and inspire students and teachers equally. With the use of mobile technology, we have enabled our partners to create a convenient and flexible program for their students. Our initiative ‘train the trainers’ has yielded breakthrough results where we helped educators reinvent the way they teach. We introduced analytics, descriptive and perspective details into our traditional classroom models and the outcomes have been more than impressive.



Health Care

Health Care is a multibillion dollar industry but has the most technological challenges when it comes to trust, speed and integrity. We are Adept Consultants are pioneering to revolutionize the experience for the industry and its consumers with the futuristic products and technology. We offer transformation strategies, cost savings and breakthrough technologies to our partners to establish profitability, trust and strict compliance. We build a solid supply chain to establish lasting outcomes.

In addition, our in-house products backed by scientific and technological advancements drive a profound transition to more systematic collaboration among healthcare professionals, patients and insurance providers and governments. Our specialty technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are leading the way to accelerate research in some of the unconquered territories in the healthcare word.


When it comes to the money industry, data and security are invaluable. It takes strong regulatory expertise and in-depth understanding of risk and compliance management when dealing with the Finance industry. Today’s high-tech Fraud and financial crimes demand high security and resiliency measures.

At Adept Consultants, we help our partners reshape their business by helping lenders and buyers drive their operations to profitable growth, differentiated customer experience and operational efficiency.

Our partners leverage our expertise in Artificial Intelligence(AI) to drive a fundamental shift to mobile banking and transactions. Combined with our cyber security services and analytics, we driver our partner’s niche to compete.


Whether it is business or personal, Insurance is playing a bigger and more valuable role in today’s global economy. The industry is more customer and insurer centric than ever due to distributed ledger technology and innovation. Research shows that artificial intelligence will play a key role in future in insuring the autonomous and smart vehicles.

Adept Consultants has a unique platform driven approach to insurance industry that enables our partners via technology to seize the opportunities at both grand and granular level. We provide our customers with data, insights and analytics to drive new revenue streams. With our Robotics expertise we have empowered our partners to deliver major automation and benefits in their daily operations. Our Robotics & Artificial Intelligence capabilities can help shape the future of your company.


Manufacturing is the use of labor, goods and machines to produce goods for use or for sale. Manufacturing sector covers work performed in electronics industry, mechanical industry, energy industries, food and beverage industries, plastic industry, metalworking industries, transport and telecommunications industries, chemical or physical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products. The process of assembling of components or parts of manufactured products also falls into the bracket of manufacturing unless the activity is appropriately put into construction.

Innovation: Product data management; Product development transformation; Value engineering; Lean engineering; Product Lifecycle Management; Product data management.

Supply Chain & Operations: Manufacturing and supply chain transformation; Product planning, forecasting and scheduling; Procurement and spend management; Internal operations and performance management; Logistics and distribution strategy; Location strategy Mergers & Acquisitions: Improve your odds of successful M&A through an integrated, battle-tested approach that links acquisition strategy, commercial diligence and merger integration.


Retail is the channel of how producers of goods and services get their products to the consumer. Retailers often get their goods directly from the producers or manufacturer when it is completed and sells it to the final consumer. In some cases, retailers used various channels to reach final customer.

Retailers face some tough situations: Deliver exciting and smooth experiences across the Physical and digital worlds while being cost-effective and focused on feasible and continual improvement.

We can help you hone your operational efficiency with:

Our advanced analytics and Big Data expertise, turning your data into a competitive weapon, unlocking key insights about your customers and ensuring that your strategy is truly data-driven, so you achieve the best possible business outcomes.

Customer-led Category Management, helping you grow your categories through innovation, localization and offer simplification, all rooted in data-driven insights on shoppers' needs.
Pricing and promotion optimization, ensuring that you set and get the right price, every time.

Advanced Retail Buying, our proprietary method for unlocking the value of your data so you can grow categories while reducing costs.

Store Operations, helping you transform your frontline activities to enhance the customer experience while optimizing costs.

Retail Cost Transformation, a tailored solution that will enable you to channel more investment to the initiatives that support growth.


Transportation is one of the world's largest industries. Its sectors range from taxis to trucks, airplanes, trains, courier services, ships, barges, warehouses and logistics services. At about 6% of global economic activity (GDP), transportation's core sectors add up to a remarkably efficient industry, considering the fact that transportation is a vital service to nearly every other sector of the economy.

To a growing extent, it now includes the use of robotics and artificial intelligence in terms of self-driving cars and trucks, and eventually may include a significant level of robotic delivery vehicles.

Robotics are already providing a high level of automation in ports and warehouses, while artificial intelligence is being applied widely to the supply chain.
Over recent years, globalization placed intense new demands on the transportation sector, and Adept look forward to give our clients a easy solution.
We have our global network with major transportation companies to give speedy services to our clients.
We collaborate with Shipping, Airlines and Courier service providers to cater our client needs.
We have brought a digital platform in transportation industry where clients can tract their consignments with a touch on mobile.
Provide solutions all aspect coverage of industry including need analysis, growth drivers & inhibitors, current market size and forecast, future trends etc.


Energy and utilities industry are going through a paradigm shift with changing business models, new challenges and opportunities. Traditional sources of energy are rapidly being replaced by the new renewable sources. The need for energy and utility network reliability, fast issue resolution and lower costs has never been this severe.

Adept Consultants brings vast industry knowledge, digital capabilities, innovation and cutting- edge technology to our clients to enable world-class transformation across the utility supply chain networks.

Our capabilities in utilities industry combined with our expertise and assets to provide end- to- end services, bringing the best out of our partner utility organizations. We at Adept Consultants utilize our foot prints in Internet of Things(IoT) and block chain technology to help you drive profitability, optimize costs and increase efficiency of power and energy sources.


The wholesale market consists of sales by wholesalers. These entities (organizations, sole traders and partnerships) wholesale merchandise including the outputs of agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and certain information industries, such as publishing. The wholesale trade comprises purchasing, storing and selling merchandise to wholesalers or to other wholesalers and providing related services such as breaking bulk.

This industry includes wholesale agents and brokers who arrange the purchase or sale of the goods owned by others, on a fee or commission basis. The wholesale industry also includes business to business electronic markets and platforms and agents that facilitate wholesale trade that do not own or handle the products they sell.

Market segmentations break down market into submarkets, Analytics for business decisions, digital transformation in wholesale and intelligent warehouses integrating technologies are the major trends witnessed in the global wholesale market and we at Adept focuses on all these points to cater our customer needs.

Information Technology

In this age where our world is a digital ecosystem where technology is the air. It is reshaping our world at an explosive pace and our partners in the industry to always be on a step ahead. The information Technology industry is a $15 billion industry and is thriving better faster than ever before.

With breakthrough innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and other futuristic technologies, Adept Consultants is helping its partners transform and re-establish.

We have established impactful innovations, software and platform services that enable rapid growth for our partners along the path forward. We use crowdsourced data in the cloud with AI capabilities to create new and disruptive technologies and products. Our partners leverage our digital roadmap, adaptive business models and newest technologies to generate new revenue streams

Collaborate with us today to see how we can help fully exploit the potential of your company with our industry leading technology and products backed by logical research and statistics.

Thanks to Adept Consultants focus and expertise in IoT, we’ve been able to help our partners revolutionize at a brisk pace. We support our manufacturing partners improve innovation, efficiency and quality. Our specialty business services combined with our proficiency in IoT has helped our manufacturing partners in reducing costs, increasing revenue and creating a value stream.


Telecommunications and Entertainment industry has seen the most accelerated change, growth and improvement in the recent times. The need for digital agility, network on demand and customer engagement is at an all-time high. Being the backbone of data and networks, this industry has no choice, but to transform.

At Adept Consultants, we realized how having a scalable and extendible network will provide our partners with the leading edge in this network dependent era. We enabled our partners by using our fact and data driven operations model to become agile and lean.

Our open platform-based model is being fast adopted and is becoming an overpowering next- generation communication tool for the data provider industry. Our Internet of Things(IoT) and Cybersecurity services are playing a pivotal role in this industry makeover.