PeopleSoft enterprise test automation tool automates various tasks within the PeopleSoft Enterprise application – primarily functional testing. Automating functional testing allows you to execute more tests with greater accuracy during a shorter time window.

We have available, pre-automated test cases for commonly used PeopleSoft modules, including HCM, FSCM and campus solutions. With these pre-built test cases, you can not only test all of your PeopleSoft functionality for even the smallest of changes, but also roll out updates, maintenance, and feature packs, and even upgrades, faster than ever before.

Peta Features

  • No need of PTF client version to be installed on local machines.
  • Real time sync of test cases defined in PTF with the bolt-on
  • Make recorded test cases available to the users from PeopleSoft portal.
  • Create reusable test cycles/batches
  • Offline update of variables list from spreadsheet
  • Run the selected test cases from a test cycles(batch) from PeopleSoft Portal
  • Edit/update variable values used in a particular test case or a batch
  • from online
  • Allow users to edit/update persistent variables from online

Peta Benefits

  • No need for PTF client version to be installed on end user machines
  • Users need not be aware of complete functionality of PTF to run the test cases
  • Upload functionality to load test case variables off-line
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reusable components can be defined which can save a lot of time
  • Stored in database as app designer objects
  • Works with people tools 8.51 & above
  • More tests - greater accuracy- shorter time

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